Bubble Launcher

Play Along Toys - Concept Rendering

Happy Together Dollhouse

Toys-R-Us Playset Design

Happy Together Dollhouse

TRU - Control Art

Repeat Patterns 

Adobe Illustrator

My Little Pony Kitchen 

Toys-R-Us Concept Sketch

Journey Girls Kitchen 

Toys-R-Us Playset Design

Forrest Friends Treehouse

Toys R Us - Design and Graphics

Imaginarium City Blocks 

Graphic Design - Adobe Illustrator

Just Like Home Teaset  

Toys R Us - Product Design

Toys R Us Friends Dolls

Concept Sketch

Liv Spa 

Spin Master - Playset Design

Liv's Horse Nutmeg 

Spin Master - Design

Liv's Maple Lodge  

Spin Master - Playset design

Alice in Wonderland Playset

Spin Master concept rendering

Pearly Girls 

Invention Concept and Model

Princess Concept

Character Study

HatChick Girls

Doll Concept Sketch

Abby Cadabby Playset

License concept design

Barbie Pegasus Playset

Mattel - concept sketch

Sky Dancers 

Play Along Toy - Concept renderings

Cinderella Special Feature Doll

Hasbro -  Concept rendering

Little Mommy Playset

Mattel (Fisher-Price) Concept rendering

Holly Hobbie Playset

Mattel - Licence presentation rendering

My Dream Baby

MGA-Product design and development

Cuddle-Bye Baby

Fisher - Price - Doll Invention

Cupcake Dolls

Tonka - Doll concept and design

CPK Brushin' Teeth kid

Mattel - Doll development

Wrestling Buddies

Tonka - Design and development

Jem & the Holograms

Hasbro - Doll design and development

Moondreamers Nightingale

Hasbro Presentation rendering. Doll design and development

Moondreamers Playset

Hasbro: Playset concept rendering

Rainbow Brite: Moonglow

Mattel - my first doll design



Robot Boy


At School

Pen & Ink. Photoshop

Little Snail

Adobe Illustrator

Fairy Princess

Procreate sketch

A Boy's Dream

Photoshop, Procreate

Island Girl

Adobe Illustrator



The Haircut

Pencil, chalk

Cosmic Cafe

Pen & Ink, Photoshop



Sofie's Unicorn


Sister Missionary


Friend Magazine

Pen & Ink, Photoshop

Foxy Dear


Ice Cream Stand




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Toy Design

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